Nitro Cold Brew Process

"Organic cold brew coffee made with purified water, 100% organic Arabica beans, all organic ingredients." *

We’ve discovered the method for infusing nitrogen in our coffees making Lucky Jack the very first bottled cold brew coffee to pour with a head of foamy and silky smooth nitrogen bubbles.


The term “organic” is popping up more and more these days. But what does “organic” really mean? For coffee beans “organic” means the beans are grown and processed without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This is significant when you consider that coffee is one of the three most chemically treated agricultural crops in the world.

Organic means great care is needed to raise coffee crops by using well proven methods of clean agriculture, biodiversity, soil maintenance and crop rotation, instead of chemicals.

Organic means the people who work every day to bring you your cup of coffee from this miraculous crop can do so year after year without sacrificing their own future quality of life.


In 1990 Richard Karno opened the Novel Café, a rare book emporium and coffeehouse in Santa Monica, California. Recognizing the rapidly changing world of both books and coffee in the 1990s, Karno began searching for a coffee roasting system and soon found himself in the Oregon woods trading barbs with a cranky septuagenarian chemical engineer and probable genius, Michael Sivetz, who built near mythical coffee roasters in a converted church located on the main street of tiny Corvallis. Soon Karno was roasting his own organic coffee beans in a Sivetz fluid bed roaster and by 1992, his company, Gourmet Coffee Warehouse was supplying coffeehouses, supermarkets and specialty shops throughout Southern California with certified organic coffees. His was the first and largest certified organic coffee roaster in LA and Karno’s retail stores, operating under the name Groundwork, became synonymous with quality and community outreach.

In 2013, Karno sold Groundwork to focus on developing an innovative line of cold brew coffees, espresso extracts and gourmet coffee concentrates. As a believer in expediency and challenges, Karno decided to locate his production facility in the Nevada desert because, what better place to make and sell cold brew coffee than in the desert.

Today, Karno’s new brands include Lucky Jack Iced Coffees™, the first nitrogenated cold brew iced coffees available in bottles (they’re organic too) and Lucky Jack Slow Brew™ organic coffee extract for fast, easy to make coffee (hot or cold), shakes, smoothies, anywhere you want to add a shot of coffee.