It's a Sweet Thing

What are Lucky Jack® Coffees made with?

100% certified organic Arabica coffee beans and purified water. Sweetened varieties include organic cane sugar or stevia.

Why organic?

This one is super duper important. Non-organic coffee grown using high volume practices is the most heavily sprayed (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers etc.) edible agricultural crop in the world! So, making sure your coffee is organic is WAY better for you, the environment, and the people who grow it!

How is it made?

First, our brew master extraordinaire (this guy lives for coffee) hand selects our beans from around the world to create our gourmet blend. Then he roasts them to perfection, combining our traditional cold brew and flash brew to create a unique coffee that is low in acidity, heavy bodied, and rich with antioxidants. It contains a robust flavor palate not found in other cold brews.
There’s definitely a bit more magic— we filter our water with reverse osmosis and add in a proprietary blend of minerals for a great, consistent brew. Then we infuse our signature drinks with espresso concentrate and nitro to enhance flavor create a creamy texture... but if we gave you all the details, we’d have to kill you. Can’t have that.

What is a nitro brew, and why is it foamy?

The foam comes from the tiny nitrogen bubbles, not to be confused with liquid nitrogen used to freeze Terminators. They also lend a smooth, creamy texture to the coffee!  Another reason our coffee is so awesome.

Is nitrogen safe?

Very safe when dissolved in liquid. It is an inert gas. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen (even in LA), and it is the 4th most common element in the human body.

Can I heat Lucky Jack® up?

Totally. Lucky Jack® can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Can I mix Lucky Jack® with milk or sugar?

Heck yeah. Let your freedom flag fly and do you. Lucky Jack® is always down for whatever your taste buds desire.

Why glass bottles?

Plastic is not nice. Not to us or to the environment. Glass is non toxic and 100% recyclable. Plus, glass is a 100% oxygen barrier and does not impart any foreign flavor into the coffee. 

Shelf Life?

Four months for optimal freshness.

What is “Hard Pour”?

Like you mean it! Tip the bottle full vertical when pouring, so the coffee cascades up the insides of the glass and activates the nitrogen bubbles held in solution. The result is a creamy texture and lasting foam head.

Can I drink straight from the bottle?

Absolutely. And it makes you look kinda tough too.

What is the caffeine content?

Like all other cold brews Lucky Jack® is somewhat stronger than a well brewed cup of specialty coffee. However, by adding flash brewed coffee, we up the ante so you don’t have to order a Red Eye to get yourself going.

What makes Lucky Jack® a better cold brew coffee?

All of the above, really. Our ingredients are organic, our roast is gourmet, our brand is privately run and not owned my some major corporation set on global domination. But the key is our commitment to quality and detail. At Lucky Jack®, everything we do is designed to further the achievement of one result— to create the best darn coffee possible.